Why Careerious Exists

The Origins of Careerious

I was stuck. A decade and a half into a second career found me stagnating in spreadsheeting and administrating. It sucked. However, during this slump, I socialized my plight with my network. And I learned that a lot of former colleagues, friends and associates were also stuck. So I started counseling them. Hence, Careerious:  for the serious career pursuer who needs occasional guidance and compassing to switch careers, get ahead in their current one, or rise out of their own career slump.  Welcome to Careerious!

The Mission of Careerious

To create and foster an open community that shares with you the trials and successes of marketers and other career professionals in an effort to help you pave your path to success.  We do not profess to have all the answers, but we know a lot of the important questions to ask and we know these discussions will stimulate you to challenge your assumptions and biases about what you, yourself, can and cannot do.  

About Us

 We are career advocators.  We construct and calibrate your career path through coaching, analysis and engagement so that you can successfully pursue work that envelops you or fits your lifestyle.  

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